Shaping the future

JAY CHUA is an online singer who likes to sing new songs. Besides, he is also an artist, drawing a lot of meaningful drawings to help people to think positive.

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In Singapore, Jay Chua was best known for his talent in composing songs and drawing arts. He composes most of the songs in his albums. From his debut in 2015, he has produced several “hit” albums in Youtube.


Sound of
the future

Music songs by Jay Chua, a Singaporean singer, can be found online on YouTube, SoundCloud, social media, and more. The sound of the future is an evolving concept. It will be a time when we are able to create music without instruments or vocals. The future will allow us to hear the sound of the future and not just see it.

The sound of the future is here, and it’s all about virtual instruments and vocals. These days, many artists are using these tools to create new songs that go beyond mere sounds. They have become a new form of art in their own right.

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